Sunday, November 29, 2009

i'd like to see you swim those seven seas

i went out with my family today. we went to manila ocean park. it was hella full. i had a hard time taking good photos inside the oceanarium so many of them didn't turn out good. but i took pictures of the sky! :D


i love the sky... i really do, i don't really know why. i remember when i was little i wanted to live on a cloud.

anyway, this isn't much of an outfit post...

ramones shirt - zara
skirt - bella couture. i bought this when i was 12!
gold belt - from poli
jelly sandals - grendha

i wonder what that girl behind me in the first picture is doing........

Friday, November 20, 2009

yeah, look at me now

shirt - divisoria (p75, baby!!)
skirt - zara
heels - people are people
necklaces - both from bazaars
bracelet - vintage (found it in my mom's closet)

these are probably the only necklaces i have. okay maybe that's exaggerating but then the others are those kiddie kinds.
i found the red cameo in a bazaar with martha. great stall. i bought that for p350. martha bougth a tinkerbell version of it. the owl necklace.. which by the way i saw in both forever 21 AND accesorize.... is from the woodrose bazaar that failed miserably because of ondoy. the stall i got it from was one of the last standing, i'm happy i got it. really useful. i hardly accesorize.

i spent the whole day today out of my house. i probably gained like 50 pounds with all the eating in trish's house and in diamond hotel (great food!). so yeah. today we had no school 8D

oh and teenvogue came in the mail today!! excitement

this is probably one of the best issues of the year. well in my opinion. i don't really recall any that was very WOAH.. anyway, subscription over. must renew it soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

stay inside

it's a saturday and guess what, i came from school. well not class, which is a good thing, but school, which isn't a very fun idea.

okay so opening of intrams this year was such a flop, i mean, NO PARADE?? okay yeah. screw that, i still love my team! GO BLUE!!! good job anj and diana! i can't wait for family day already.. gosh, intrams is the only thing i like about my school. seriously.

moving along, i spent the entire day in the sun. it rained a bit at some point so that was good. now i'm dead tired. but totally inspired to post something..... i just wanted to stay inside my room tho. too lazy to get out of the house

belt-gift from a friend (poli)
floral belly tank-vintage. i found it in my mother's closet.

i fell in love with the pattern the moment i saw it!!

and since i spent the whole day under the sun, i've got the worst sunburn ever. i look like a tomato!!!!!!!!!! look at my forehead!!! i look horrible. this is going to take at least 2 weeks to fade off. but i'm hoping it will only take a few days.the pictures are really pinkish because my room is pink. in my next house, i'm gonna make my room maybe tiffany box blue (but a bit lighter) or apple green. oh yeah, i must fix my room. i have the most random things hanging around. like that old nick jonas poster in the cornder. i wanna take it down already but i'm scared i might find a moth colony under it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just go with the season

So yesterday I went to Tagaytay with the family and we ate in some Italian resto by the ridge. Pretty awesome, I got to try out the SLR a bit. Okay so the pictures aren't that great but hell, who cares, I tried?

H&M top, American Eagle sailor shorts. I didn't bother with the accessories anymore. Haha.