Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's a saturday morning. what are you doing?

I KNOW I HAVE NOT POSTED IN OVER A MONTH. or two.. school's been sucking out all my time i haven't actually had the time to do a mini photoshoot. i'll probably be back in a month, when school's out and summer's in (can't wait for that!)

two weeks ago my classmates and i had a photoshoot for our composition project about media and advertising. here are some outtakes:

SPOTTY! kena's ultra cooperative dog who does not bite. therefore i like him.

this is boogie, her other super cooperative dog.

this is ole and me.

aka next annie leibovitz

THIS IS POLI (save-the-unicorns)
aka "it's too hot, i need hair product!"

THIS IS INA (babybarbarella)
aka napoleon dynamite

well, we actually have 6 final products, but i think this is the best one.
photographed by me