Saturday, November 7, 2009

stay inside

it's a saturday and guess what, i came from school. well not class, which is a good thing, but school, which isn't a very fun idea.

okay so opening of intrams this year was such a flop, i mean, NO PARADE?? okay yeah. screw that, i still love my team! GO BLUE!!! good job anj and diana! i can't wait for family day already.. gosh, intrams is the only thing i like about my school. seriously.

moving along, i spent the entire day in the sun. it rained a bit at some point so that was good. now i'm dead tired. but totally inspired to post something..... i just wanted to stay inside my room tho. too lazy to get out of the house

belt-gift from a friend (poli)
floral belly tank-vintage. i found it in my mother's closet.

i fell in love with the pattern the moment i saw it!!

and since i spent the whole day under the sun, i've got the worst sunburn ever. i look like a tomato!!!!!!!!!! look at my forehead!!! i look horrible. this is going to take at least 2 weeks to fade off. but i'm hoping it will only take a few days.the pictures are really pinkish because my room is pink. in my next house, i'm gonna make my room maybe tiffany box blue (but a bit lighter) or apple green. oh yeah, i must fix my room. i have the most random things hanging around. like that old nick jonas poster in the cornder. i wanna take it down already but i'm scared i might find a moth colony under it.


  1. oooh. :> i love this outfit ric! especially the floral pattern. are you wearing the sailor shorts? you should take one that shows the buttons! :)) oh and try exfoliating your face maybe tomorrow, it could help lift off the damaged skin maybe?

  2. the tank is adorable :) its kinda 20s-esque, doncha think?
    thanks for the comment :) xxx

  3. RICK! i love your pictures! cutieee!
    lovely post. photoshoot sometime! :D

  4. Beautiful photos, I love your tank.